Henry Rollins Apologizes For Robin Williams Column

Henry RollinsHenry Rollins

Henry Rollins

Fuck me. You can’t have an opinion anymore in this country without people getting all peeved and crying their fucking eyes out over it.

Henry Rollins has gone on Facebook to say he’s sorry for having an opinion.

This, following hours of backlash he received after his LA Weekly piece published.

“For the last 9+ hours, I have been answering letters from people from all over the world. The anger is off the scale and in my opinion, well placed.

“The article I wrote in the LA Weekly about suicide caused a lot of hurt. This is perhaps one of the bigger understatements of all time. I read all the letters. Some of them were very long and the disappointment, resentment and ringing clarity was jarring.

“That I hurt anyone by what I said, and I did hurt many, disgusts me. It was not at all my intent but it most certainly was the result.

“I have had a life of depression. Some days are excruciating. Knowing what I know and having been through what I have, I should have known better but I obviously did not. I get so mad when I hear that someone has died this way. Not mad at them, mad at whatever got them there and that no one magically appeared to somehow save them.

“I am not asking for a break from the caning, take me to the woodshed as much as you see fit. If what I said has caused you to be done with me, I get it.

“I wrote something for the LA Weekly that they will post on Monday. I wanted to get this out at this moment. I am deeply sorry. Down to my marrow. I can’t think that means anything to you, but I am. Completely sorry. It is not of my interest to hurt anyone but I know I did. Thank you for reading this.”

Man. I guess it takes a big man to admit you’re wrong, but at the same time, he only feels like his comments were too harsh because people called him out on it.


Hank, that’s not the dude I have come to appreciate.

The dude I appreciate would have stood his ground, or come to the realization himself that maybe those words were unkind.

Either way, you’ve lost respect. A lot of people’s respect.

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