Hiding WhatsApp Message Preview On Your iPhone

WhatsApp’s popularity increased massively, as a result of the new added feature, Voice Calling, which was available, at first, for the Android platform. Later, the developers added it to BlackBerry and iOS and the users took advantage of this feature to hear the voices of their loved ones. Also, they stopped sending traditional SMS texts, preferring to chat on WhatsApp, the application that allows them to send simple texts, images, voice or video messages. But every user cares a lot about his/her privacy and doesn’t want nosy friends to take a peek at the message preview that pops up in the notifications. Luckily, this option can be turned off.

WhatsApp is a great messaging application that appeared six years ago and it evolved slowly until it managed to gain 800 million active users. Even if it has some fierce rivals such as Skype and Viber, which offer VoIP and video calls, for some reason, more people seem to prefer this application which is currently owned by Facebook. Towards the end of April, WhatsApp rolled out the Voice Calling feature to the iOS users and the carriers understood that their customers need bigger data plans and more megabytes to allow them spend more time chatting and calling their friends on this app.

The iPhone owners who installed WhatsApp are sending and receiving messages continuously, and since they’re inseparable from their phones, they tend to neglect their real friends when they’re spending a night in the club. However, while staying at the table, when receiving a new message, a preview of it will appear in the Notifications and the others will be able to see who’s contacting you and with what purpose. To avoid these unpleasant situations, the users can turn off Show Preview for messages from Settings> Notifications.

Now that you disabled this option, you will receive only the sender’s name, without a portion of the message. But if, one day, you will want to turn on Show Preview again, go to the same place and toggle this option on.

The latest version of WhatsApp for iOS was released a month ago, and you can download it from the iTunes. The version 2.12.2 has a size of 46 MB and it can be installed on iOS 6 and later.

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