How is WhatsApp Different from WhatsApp Plus?

Of course you may have already heard of WhatsApp Plus, but the question that may still be lingering in your mind is that – is WhatsApp Plus any different from WhatsApp?

Well, if you have been wondering whether a switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus will bring any difference to your instant messaging experience, keep reading and you’ll find out more. There is of course too much hype regarding how special the new WhatsApp Plus app is and the abilities it possesses when compared to the old app. However, there is still a lot of confusion about the legal state of the app, considering the fact that Google dismissed it from the Play Store sometime back and just recently, WhatsApp banned all accounts that were associated with this clone app.

Regardless of the case, WhatsApp Plus still works perfectly well. However, the new and old apps cannot co-exist on a single device, which means you must remove the old app in order to install the new WhatsApp Plus. To try and separate the two applications, the developers of WhatsApp Plus went for a blue icon rather than the traditional green known for WhatsApp.

Here are some features and functional differences of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

More visual themes on WhatsApp Plus

The latest version of WhatsApp Plus is also known as ban-free. This is so because the developers have made it in such a way that it bypasses the WhatsApp ban that bars the users from using it. Furthermore, this application comes in with abilities that the WhatsApp users lack. It is now possible to get rid of the monotonous look of the old app and introduce personalized looks, thanks to the many available styles or visual themes.

There are more than 700 themes that the users of WhatsApp Plus can download and apply to the app’s look. The themes can be sorted based on their dates, version or name. You can also edit these themes before applying them, which adds more zest to an otherwise boring interface. It is also possible to change the styles of fonts, sizes as well as color to your heart’s desire. In short, WhatsApp Plus is more customizable than WhatsApp.

New emoticons

Pictures are better communicators than words and it is why apps like Line and WeChat have been gaining popularity. WhatsApp Plus comes with some of the best emoticons which best represent their emotions when messaging. However, you must be using WhatsApp Plus in order to see these emoticons as they appear. If you are using the old WhatsApp, you will notice these emoticons appearing as question marks in your conversations.

Hide last seen status

The last seen status has had mixed reactions, with some favoring it, while others dislike it. In the latest WhatsApp Plus, it is possible to hide the last seen status such that no one is able to know when you were last online. However, this is also possible with the old WhatsApp. The major difference here is that the clone app allows you to hide your last seen status while leaving it possible for you to see the last seen status of your friends. In case of the classic app, you won’t be able to see the last seen status of your friends once you hide your last seen status.

Sending larger media files

WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp allow sharing of media files that include photos, voice and video messages. In the case of the latter app, there is a limit of 16MB when sending these files, however, the former app allows users to share files with sizes of up to 50MB.

Apart from these highlighted differences, WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are very similar in what they do. At the moment, only the users of Android devices can access and use WhatsApp Plus, however, it is expected that developers of this super chatting app will not just stop on this platform.

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