How to Give Quick Reply to Emails on Apple Watch

Apple Watch has a got a blend of several apps on its own but there are many features that have been made unavailable as per the users with the passage of time. These glitches are often filled out by random developers.

We have got a similar app that is doing what Apple did not planned on doing. Apple, apparently did not provide any way to quickly reply to your emails received on your magnificent Apple Watch, considering this gap a developers’ team called Readdle came up with an app they named Spark that will do the purpose. If you have ever thought of Apple’s Mail app doing a lot with such low capacity then you need to give a shot to Spark to see what it is capable of doing.

For now, Spark is available to be downloaded from Apple Store for FREE. It has all the features that a general emailing app has to offer including a unified inbox and multiple signatures to choose from. It also included various petty features like pinning up important emails for later review, snooze: that will put a hold to push email mode to a limited period of time. The feature has its own class as it helps you when you are not ready to handle your emails.

If you want to get an overview of Spark’s features then it may take your entire day. It also has a smart searching mode enabling you to search for email considering sender, subject or any particular attachment. Spark offers read receipts as well and its impressive smart notifications mode that will nudge you only when it is necessary. If you are one of those individuals who receive a lot of emails in a single day, then you need to have Spark on your wrist to rescue you.

Apart from all these amazing features that Spark has to offer, it has a tremendous way of sending quick reply messages to senders by making few taps while on the go. This is something that we all had expected the default Mail app to have. Quick replies will remind users about iMessages quick reply function.

Instead of providing all this, making you get carefree about you mails as you cannot fear of getting them missed or getting disturbed by your nosey boss when you do not want to, Spark is all but free.

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