How to Install OTA Update on your Apple Watch

The updates released by Apple for your iPhone or iPad can also downloaded on your Apple Watch. These OTAs (Over the Air) updates are available for everyone once they are officially released. Now that Apple has one more device therefore you need to learn how to keep your Watch upgraded.

You need to keep your iPhone charged more than 50% before starting the update. Similarly your Apple Watch also has to be charged more than 50%. It is recommended that you keep both these devices connected to charger for optimum results. You further need to make sure that your iPhone and Apple Watch are both under required range and are connected as well.

How to install iOS Update

Follow these easy steps to keep your devices updated to the latest versions.

Step 1:  Launch Apple Watch app from your connected iPhone

Step 2:  Tap on My Watch tab

Step 3:  Go to General and select Software Update

Step 4:  Wait for a while until your device look up for any available OTA update. If you phone needs latest update then it will show the recent one available otherwise it will display a message that “Your software is up to date.”

Step 5:  If you are not up to date, then select the available update and start downloading it. You need to accept the terms and conditions offered

Step 6:  Notice as the update started to install on your phone and eventually on your Watch

Step 7:  Once the download is completed, it will automatically begin installation process

At this point, you will notice that your Apple Watch has started to display the Apple logo meaning the update is in progress. Once installation is completed your Apple Watch will reboot on its own and will then display another progress bar that displays the preparations status of your Watch with new update. Upon completion, your Watch will again reboot and this time it will start functioning normally.

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