How to Keep a Check on your iPhone Battery from Apple Watch

By default, there is not prescribed way to check battery status of your iPhone directly from Apple Watch even when it is properly synced and connected. A user has to pull out or reach their phone to check it out so they can outline their Apple Watch’s usage. Recently a developer has bought in an idea and a trick that could do the purpose of checking battery status from your Watch.

Apple Watch has without any doubt increased the battery life of regular iPhone in a way that users do not have to pull out their smartphones to check out necessary stuff as they can do all of it right from their Watch. As compared to iPhone, Apple Watch consumes less battery while it is connected with iPhone and provides full functionality of your iPhone on its own battery life.

The recently introduced app that we talked about in beginning is called ‘Battery Monitor’. It is developed and introduced by a non-Apple staff, a guy named Tom Etminan. The app, as the name indicates, clearly described the purpose by telling its users the exact amount of battery left on their iPhone.

Developer has said it that the app is user friendly and will run immediately on your Watch as it is light and fast. You need to enable the app from Glances first and then just by swiping up you will get the latest status of your iPhone battery.

Although the app is light in use but still it has not compromised on looks and interface. The percentage of battery is displayed in a colored dial that has different color variations for different percentage level. Once the battery is at critical level, it will show a warning of Low Battery so you can get yourself a charger. It also displayed if the battery is fully charged or under process of charging.

Currently, you can download the app directly from App Store but the developer has said it in his statement that it may not stay there for long as he is planning on introducing more features and invest some time into further development of this app.

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