How to Resolve Bug that Crashes iOS Message App

There was an inflow of users’ complaint noticed regarding crash of iOS Messages app recently, and in response to that, Apple posted its fix officially. It is a detailed document explaining the reason and science beneath it which is quite boring and not easy to understand if you are a dummy like me.

We have got a specialized summary for you that will enable you to resolve this bug by following these easy steps that we have outlined for you out of that long and detailed document. By the way in a separate statement made out by Apple stated that they are working on a permanent fix which is expected to be released as part of iOS 8.4 release.

These steps that are mentioned below are a temporary fix that will make your texting bit easy for meantime.

Step 1:  Tap and hold your Home button to launch Siri

Step 2:  Ask Siri to “Read unread messages.”

Step 3:  Now ask Siri to reply to the sender of your message(s). Once Siri has replied you will be able to open your Messages app again.

Step 4:  Open Messages app with confidence

Step 5:  Swipe left to right to get rid of entire thread. Or you can alternatively tap and delete that particular message.

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