How to Resolve: “Unable to Download Item. Please Try Again Later” on iPhone or iPad

Downloading on iPhone is fun as it makes you do more stuff on your iOS device but at times strange message appears without any apparent reason that you can think of. The message usually says “Unable to download item. Please try again later.” This particular message offers two options: Done and Retry. A reason that makes this message even weirder is that it appears at times when you have not even tried to download anything.

If this message appears when you are trying to download anything, you should immediately check your network settings and tap on Retry.

But if you were randomly using your iPhone or iPad and this message appears then you should tap ‘Done’ and selecting Retry will cause the message to reappear again and again. If you see this message next time you need to follow these steps that are known to take care of this weird message.

  1. Open Control Centre and select Airplane mode that will eventually turn it on
  2. Now tap on Done over that message
  3. Wait for a while and turn off Airplane mode

You are never going to see this message again at least for a longer period of time.

Often this message appears due to background activity being conduct by your iPhone to keep it updated usually by iTunes Match, iBooks, or iOS Automatic Updates, but the message is said to appear even when you have turned off all these background operations. The main thing said about this message is that it is a bug that can be get rid of in the upcoming versions, hopefully.

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