How to Set Up and Use Apple Pay on iPhone 6?

Apple rolled out two variants of the iPhone 6; the original model and a variant, which was crowned iPhone 6 Plus.

When these two devices arrived, their selling point was the new Apple Pay service.

The iOS 8.1 is the one behind the new Apple Pay service and using this service; the users of the iPhones can now make payments without using their credit or debit cards. This app (Passbook) works in a similar fashion as the Google Wallet, making use of NFC chips that are hidden within the phones to make the payment. However, this payment will only be successful if the checkout counter has a special receiver that allows transacting with NFC-enabled devices.

Unlike Google Wallet, which makes use of a PIN for authentication, Apple Pay uses a fingerprint scanner available on the home button. Before using Apple Pay, you must first of all set it up.

Setting up Apple Pay on iPhone 6 Plus

As noted above, Apple Pay is available on the iOS 8.1 devices that are also NFC-enabled. Also ensure that the fingerprint scanner is set up via “Settings>Touch ID & Passcode>Add a fingerprint” and then toggle on the Touch ID for Apple Pay. After that, launch Passbook and tap on the + sign at the upper right so as to add a debit or credit card. Some personal information may be asked in the process; make sure you provide accurate information to avoid transaction errors. Follow through the steps carefully and add your card; however, not all banks are supported at the moment, something that is expected to change as time goes by.

Where to use Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a new platform and for sure, it’s not easy to know where exactly this service can be used. However, all you need to know is that this service can be used anywhere you find a PayPass reader. These devices are growing in popularity and it is increasingly becoming harder to miss them in the main chain pharmacies, fast food restaurants as well as some major grocery stores.

How to use Apple Pay

One thing you need to be sure of is the default card you are using for payment. However, this is only important if you have connected more than one card to the service. Check via “Settings>Passbook & Apple Pay” and from here you should be able to see all the cards connected to Apple Pay. Tap on the “Default Card” option that appears below them to choose set the default payment card.

To make a payment on a PayPass reader, simply touch your iPhone 6 to the receiver and the Passbook app will automatically launch the transaction. You must verify the transaction using your fingerprint; however, PIN-protected cards may attract more prompts on the screen. Nevertheless, this process takes a few seconds and the transaction will be over. The Passbook app stores a history of the transaction including the time and date.

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