How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Skype

So, you have been chatting away to somebody on Skype and you have ended up having a disagreement of some kind. It seems as if the person you have been talking to has just vanished before your very eyes and that is certainly quite disconcerting. However, it could be the case that they have not just vanished and, in actual fact, have blocked you, but how do you know? Is there any way of telling if you have indeed been blocked?

Checking For The First Sign.

When you first log into Skype take a look at your contact list and pay particular attention to the icons that are beside their names. Pay particular attention for the name being greyed out or there being a question mark next to their name. Both of these can mean that they have at least deleted you and that you will then be unable to contact them any time soon.

Go To Their Profile.

The next thing that you may wish to do is to go to the profile of the person that you believe may have blocked you. The key thing to look out for is their profile picture because if you know that they have a photograph there and all you see is the normal Skype icon, then it is another good indicator that they have blocked you.

Knowing They Have Updated Things.

Another point to make regarding their profile is that if you know they have updated their profile recently and you see nothing, then it is another thing that strengthens the idea that they have indeed blocked you. If they had just deleted you, then you need to remember that you did not delete them, so certain aspects of their profile should still work and be visible. However, if you are blocked, then it is pretty much as if you did not exist.

Look At How Your Messages Are Sending.

Finally, you still have the person on your contact list, so try sending them a message and see what happens. The key thing here is that if you send a message and cannot then see it appearing in the history section, then it has not gone through and your message is now lost in cyberspace. Why has it not gone through? Probably because they have blocked you.

So, in other words.

  • You cannot tell for sure if you have been blocked on Skype, but other things help you to decide.
  • Check those icons and see what color they are beside the name of the person you think has blocked you.
  • Check out their profile and see what appears on your screen.
  • Check how your messages are sending and whether or not they appear in the message history section.

The more of these things that you see, the more likely it is that you have indeed been blocked on Skype. Of course the final indicator is knowing for sure that you have been blocked due to another message being sent by them informing you of this, but if you notice any of the things listed above, then perhaps it is time to come to terms with them having stopped you from communicating with them.

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