How To Use Apple TV To Its True Potential

If you happen to use an iOS device then you must know a few tips and tricks to improve your experience with movie and video streaming. It is a great way to watch television, without fighting for the remote, now your mobile devices, tablets and computer screens will act like a TV monitor where you can watch entertaining stuff with the click of a button.

  1. Your iPhone and iPad can be converted into a TV screen in case you have a 3rd generation Apple device and Ios 7. Which means, if you own an iPhone 4S or other new Apple devices, then you can easily make use of this provision. For doing this, you will need to have a fast internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi, and the Bluetooth must be on.
  1. Re-arranging the home screen app was never easier. So if you do not like how the home screen of Apple TV looks like, then you can always customize it to your preference. You will have to highlight the app which needs to be removed after which, press the select button on the remote of Apple TV, then the apps will appear to be jiggly, and you can do the needful of customizing the screen.
  1. There are a number of apps which come with the Apple TV services, all of us do not need all these apps, so we can hide some which do not come to our use. This way, the screen will look meticulously arranged and the users will not be confused with so many apps on the home screen.
  1. You can very simply stream content from your Mac or iPhone device on your Apple TV. This is a great tool, if you are wanting to watch something on the big screen. It is a very interesting feature which makes the Apple TV a class part from the rest.
  1. Playing games have become very simple through this feature, so now you can play the games on your Mac and iPhone devices on your Apple TV for bigger and better gaming experience. Airplay is a feature which helps in this department.
  1. This one feature is quite interesting, where you can use your iPhone as a remote control for your Apple TV. The metallic remote, which comes with the Apple TV is quite cute handy and small, which is why you can misplace it every now and then. Instead of spending hours in searching for the remote, simply use your phone from Apple to use as a remote for your TV. The same can be done with your iPad as well. All you need to do is install a remote app in your mobile or tablets and get going. Plus, another advantage is that you can simply search for channels, shows and movies by typing its name on your phone or pad to find it on the TV.
  1. Renaming the Apple TV is a provision for those who like to name their devices. Having two Apple TV boxes can be slightly confusing, so you can change its name for identifying between the two boxes. You can get information about what you are watching with the help of this device. Press the up button on the TV remote, while the playback is going on, this will give you adequate information on what you are watching.
  1. In case the streaming gets really slow you can find out the reason for it. If your net connectivity is lagging, you can test the network to see if there is something wrong with the connectivity.
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