How to Use Google to Find a Lost Android Phone – Easy and Fast

Today’s technology has made it even harder for common thieves to steal your iOS or Android device.

This is thanks to the “find-my-device” apps that come either preinstalled on these devices or are very easy to access.

The good side of the story is that you will no longer lose your device and be unable to track it. Android has even made things much harder for these thieves with the introduction of a new Device Protection security layer. In this new feature, a device is protected by the user’s Google account details. This means that even if this device is reset to factory settings, the same Google ID must be provided in order to use the Android phone again. Obviously, there is now less risk of losing your pricey smartphone.

The moment you realize that you are driving with an empty messenger bag at the back of your car is when you may realize the importance of these “find-my-device” apps. However, these services are at times tedious to use despite the fact that they provide amazing services. It seems Google noted this problem and as of now, you won’t need an extra application to deal with a stolen phone.

Using Google search to find your stolen phone

The simplest way to search for your stolen phone now is using the Google search. Sometimes the Android Device Manager can be a problem to use, especially when you are trying to work out the location of your lost phone. So, to avoid this channel, simply type in the Google search bar “find my phone”. This will be a very easy process as long as your phone and web browser are both logged into Google and you’ll get results with a map location of where your phone is.

Finding a lost phone using Google search is easy and fast

If the phone is alive and kicking, Google will even give you more options of calling the phone. From here, it is also possible to load the Android Device Manager and access more security options such as lock the phone or wipe it. As noted earlier, Google must pair your browser and phone in order to locate the phone. This means that carrying out a Google search for “Find my phone” when not logged in will not yield any results. Furthermore, things will even get worse in cases where the phone has no internet connection.

As long as the above terms are met, using Google search is the easiest and fastest way of finding your lost Android smartphone.

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