How WhatsApp Voice Call Feature Is Bad News For It Contemporaries And Network Providers

WhatsApp is perhaps one of the most used cross-platform mobile messenger which enables its users to exchange text and voice messages without paying extra tariff charges. The application has already failed the free message tariff plans which were quite commonly used earlier. Mobile network companies sold unlimited or subsidized SMS packs, which enabled people to converse freely, but with the advent of Whatsapp, there was no longer a need for SMSes. Now, since the app had launched a voice call feature recently it is giving other voice call apps and mobile networks a run for their money. Most people are using Whatsapp for endless conversation because it is practically free. The ability to call anywhere in the globe, literally free of cost has spoilt people rotten, and now no one wants to go back to original voice calls.

Quality Of Calls

Those who are skeptical and believe that the call quality will not be at par with regular voice calls, must know that all calls made through Whatsapp via 3G and Wi-Fi networks are amazing. There are no cuts, lags and fade outs which is a major plus in the favor of this application. Considering the number of people who use this messenger, one will not have a difficulty in making calls to most people because almost everyone uses Whatsapp.

Making Calls Through 2g

Though the app allows making calls through a 2G network, it is not as good and smooth as the calls made through faster paced internet alternatives. However, one must not fret if they only have access to 2G internet connectivity; all is not lost, the call quality is decent and so is the audibility. There is a reason why Whatsapp is a favorite with everybody, the easy to use operating system allows even novices to operate this application without the slightest bit of confusion. Even with so many free messengers available, people stick to Whatsapp because it is user-friendly and does not require e-mail ids and other registration formalities. One is good to go, just by providing their phone number.

The Future Of Phone Tariffs

With the advent free calls in just about any part of the world, mobile companies will have to bear the brunt. Since Whatsapp is such an influential platform, people will make calls through this app, which is why mobile calls are being ditched altogether. Mobile network companies have to device new plans and methods to keep phone calls alive or the internet savvy generation is going to forget it. The general feeling is that the companies will make a shift towards data-centric services, where they will sell mobile tariff plans at attractive rates. It is only by selling internet packs, and improving the quality of the services, can these companies survive.

How Will The Contemporaries Manage With The Whatsapp Voice Call Feature?

Skype, Viber, Tango are offering free voice or video calls, while Whatsapp has not

jumped on to the video call bandwagon it is still a big threat to its competitors. Ever since the advent of the voice call feature in Whatsapp other apps has pulled up their socks and are trying to improve their services to give the newbie competition a run for is money. Whatever said and done, with most people using Whatsapp it is a very big for this company. Also, because it is providing with quality calls at 2G speeds with lesser lags one can trust it for calls being made from remote areas where 3G is not available. Such a shift is a great advantage for the common man who is the enjoying the perks of this rivalry and competition for survival.

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