Huntress Debate: Jos. von Wienerhaus Chimes In

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After seeing the back and forth about Huntress and the “sex gimmick,” I decided to chime in on this hot button.

I’m siding with Sweet Alejandro on this one. Rafael, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree. You shouldn’t be calling out Huntress or any female band member of any metal/rock band, regardless of whether they suck or not. Blame the record labels. Record labels are not in the business of promising you killer music, but a bunch of marketing people going to work to make the most amount of money they can for the company in hopes of elevating their role and salary.

When they see a busty chick fronting a band, all they see are dollar signs and a marketable avenue. In marketing, this is called a USP, or unique selling proposition. The USP is what separates the product you are trying to market from the competition. Clearly, a hot woman in a genre that is driven by predominantly male consumers is an easy sell. Don’t blame Jill Janus for people thinking she’s sexy; she’s only the person she is. Yeah, she got fake tits, so what? She did something that made her happy. Good for her.

If you want to call out anyone specific in regards to the sex gimmick in metal, go on a tirade about Maria Brink. Actually, leave that to me. First off, I have absolutely no issue with her posing nude for the In This Moment single “Whore.” She stated her intent behind this and is taking a stance on an issue, not getting people to buy it because her butt is on it. Where Maria Brink is a hypocrite is when she condemns people for not giving her band respect and making cat-calls at her. I witnessed this at Ozzfest in 2007. I was there solely for Nile and Behemoth, leaving after Behemoth to get buffalo wings with my friends.

This is a perfectly rational stance to take (Brink’s views and the wings) and I support her notion if she hadn’t posed half-nekked for Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Metal calendar. This calendar was produced with the sole intent of exploiting women for financial gain and nothing to do with their bands- just the male metalhead market. If Brink wants her band to be respected for their music, and not just because she’s hot, she should never have agreed to be featured in something that only perpetuates the notion of hot chicks in bands meaning more than their music.

There was also a way around that while still putting yourself out there to gain notoriety for your band. Grace Perry, formerly of Landmine Marathon, agreed to be featured, but only fully clothed with her hands and face being the only skin shown. That’s integrity. She isn’t one of the hottest chicks in metal just because she’s almost naked, but because she is a beautiful woman with or without clothes. I applaud Grace Perry and think Maria Brink has something to learn here.

Now, as for saying the “sex gimmick” doesn’t belong in metal. Bullshit! Everyone likes to look good, dude. Even men. You don’t see the sexuality in men put forth in metal because it’s a male dominated fan base. If the ratios were flipped and it was almost all chicks who were metal fans, we’d be on stage trying to look as good as possible so we can lay more pipe than a plumber at Chipotle. That’s what happened in the ‘80s. That would have never happened if chicks didn’t like the music. Oh, and not all glam sucks, so just forget that retaliation. (My picture on here is a Halloween costume, by the way, not my daily threads).

Fuck it, even despite the amount of men in the audience, metal bands still ooze machismo and sex. Tight pants, long hair… Manowar are mostly unbearable, but their image is replete with their chiseled bodies being undeniable to women. Now, as a dude, you see a guy who has the ability to impress women with physical attributes way more than you do and it sparks the sense of competition. Maybe you should start hitting the gym and get buff so you can impress women too. It’s a primal urge to be the alpha and mate. Manowar make you want to fuck, but they’ve taken all the women away, even though they’re dressed like Tarzan and talking about being the defenders of true steel.

Music is art. Why should art be limited to one sense? Just because an artist performs in one medium doesn’t restrict them from appealing to other senses. Why slight a band who has a gimmick if it makes the experience more fun and appealing? Art is a form of escapism. That’s why Cannibal Corpse have their gimmick. That’s why Alice Cooper has his gimmick. The more a band can take me further from the real world and turn their art into something else, I’m in favor of it. No, I don’t always like the gimmick or the band, but I will support their right to do it as artists.

Whether it’s Jill Janus in Huntress, Ghost, or anyone else, they’re all living their dream. All of those people achieved their goal of being in a successful band. Shame on you for wanting to take that away from them. If all it took for a dude to achieve what he wanted in life was showing a little bit of dick, we’d all be guilty. I’d show my dick to everyone in the world if it meant I could have been in Iron Maiden.

Oh, and Al, I’m going to use this platform to call you out for not being at Deiphago or Abysmal Lord and Morgirion over the summer. I thought you hailed fuck.

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