Huntress In The Studio; Singer Flatters Herself

Jill Janus clearly thinks her shit doesn’t stink and for this alone, you should burn your Huntress merch…if you were foolish enough to acquire any

Jill Janus in the studioJill Janus in the studio

Jill Janus in the studio

The thing about Jill Janus is, outside of the so-called metal realm, where — let’s face it — cute chicks are comparatively few and far between, she would just be some five-beer broad no one would actually pay any fucking mind to.

But because she’s a “singer” in a “band” that “people” have falsely implied might be “metal,” she’s got hundreds of dudes in black shirts and jeans they wash once a month drooling over her subpar ass — guys who’ll probably never achieve a fine piece of fotch before they become worm food.

The fact that Jill Janus thinks he shit doesn’t stink makes me want to poop on her head.

Because my shit definitely stinks.

She posted this picture today from the studio, which was shot by Andrew Stuart, who is some photographer, I guess. Looks like there’ll be another Huntress record for me to avoid soon.

She posted the following caption with it, which should annoy you if you have half a brain:

“Write. Record. Tour. Insanity. Repeat. It’s so easy to gain popularity as a female when ya give ’em sex. I’m a social media scientist. It’s really a no brainer, dumb fucks do it effortlessly. Mediocrity rules humanity. I’ve played with fire because I was bored. Every damn time I post a photo with my tits out the #‎s sky rocket. This photo won’t get much attention. So hear this bitches: sex sells, for real. Fap to me, call me a cunt, I don’t care. Love me, hate me. I want you all. I live for MY purpose only. For MUSIC. The more you acknowledge my existence, the more I gain strength. There’s the secret. Now go live your life, not mine, because we’re all going to die.”

Profound words for a chick who admits she’d be nowhere in this world without those fake-ass plastic knockers of hers.

I’m glad someone finally figured out that sex sells, and I’m glad that someone was Jill Janus.

I bet Hollywood will eventually latch on to this notion of Jill’s and soon, every movie that comes out will feature more sex. Great.

Let me just say this: If you support Huntress, in any way, you’re a bad person. Worse than those crazy bitches who kill their own babies.

Jill Janus thinks she’s smoking and all that, and wants dudes she would have nothing to do with beating off to her. She’s basically the snobby captain of metal’s fucking cheerleading squad, and from a musical standpoint, she’s a fucking joke.

You’re a butterface, Jill. And you have fake boobs, which is basically super vile. Your band is mediocre and you got lucky. Maybe instead of being piggish about sex selling and preemptively critical of your fans, just maybe you should shut the fuck up.

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