Ice-T Says Body Count Has Sabbath Vibe

Body CountBody Count

Body Count

As in Black Sabbath.

That’s right. Body Count’s Ice-T tells Decibel that the band’s always going to have a Black “Sabbath vibe.”

I think he needs to have his hearing examined, maybe. It does get worse with age, or so I’m told.

Sayeth the Iceman:

“My influences tend to be from the old school,” says T. “I’m a Slayer fan, Megadeth, and all that kind of stuff. When I listen to bands, I pick up on the energy, I make up riffs in my head — we tend to keep Body Count kind of dark, so its always going to have a [Black] Sabbath vibe to it, as they are our biggest influence, but I don’t want it to sound like the other stuff — I don’t want it to be ‘metal’ or ‘hardcore’ or ‘punk’ — I just want it to be Body Count.

“It has to come out of my head. What makes this album different is that I wrote with all of the guys. Last summer in Las Vegas, we jammed for a month and a half and recorded it on a cassette player until we thought we had some good tunes. No vocals, just ideas.

“Then they took the music to L.A., tracked it [with] the producer Will Putney, and then they took the tracks and sent them to me in New York, and I lived with the tracks for a minute, and then write the vocals and then went into the studio with Will, recorded it, and then they mixed it. It sounds so good because of the producer.

“A lot of bands can make great records, but they lose it in the studio. You gotta have a real good producer to make the shit sound right in the computer world with Pro Tools and all that shit. A lot of times, records can end up sounding thin, and you turn the record up and it starts to hurt your ears, and I realized that this is really an art form, and Will is just very good at it, and he made the record sound really good, and that’s all on him.”

Ice-T hath spoketh.

Motherfucking Manslaughter drops next week.

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