If Danzig Got A Tidy Cat Endorsement…

The likeness is uncanny

It might look and sound something like the video at the end of this post. It was made by my pal Jason over at The Gauntlet. On Monday, I was a guest on “The Dungeon Awaits,” the radio show you can catch every Monday night thanks to The Gauntlet. And let me tell you, I had a blast!

Yeah, so last week, we learned Danzig has a cat. Or, in more likelihood, multiple cats, as a photo surfaced online of Glenn trucking through a grocery store parking lot, a box of Tidy Cat dangling from one arm. That’s normal and all, but the fact that its Glenn Danzig — a man who, presumably, could afford luxuries like grocery delivery — with cat litter. Yes, folks — even Glenn has to get his hands dirty from time to time and deal with someone else’s shit.

But imagine if this shot had led to Glenn’s getting a promotional deal? Why not? Rob Halford does commercials and Ozzy’s been in a ton. The following’s a sample of what kind of fruits such a pairing could bear.

Video provided by The Gauntlet

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