Immolation’s Robert Vigna: The GunShy Interview

Robert Vigna

On May 14, a band that makes me proud to say I am from New York, Immolation, will release a fresh, flawless batch of frenzied death metal tracks.

Immolation have a new album coming next Tuesday called Kingdom of Conspiracy, a release that will no doubt make a ton of year-end lists come December.

Immolation are overseas now, playing for fans there but will soon be in the U.S., on tour with Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death.

It’s a momentous tour for all bands involved. Cannibal Corpse is, of course, celebrating its 25th anniversary as a band. Napalm Death are celebrating 40 years together, and Immolation?

“We’re 25 years this year,” guitarist Robert Vigna tells GunShyAssassin. “We’re 25 years, Cannibal’s 25 years, Napalm…I think they’ve been around a little longer. But this is also our tenth anniversary with Steve [Shalaty] in the band now and in this lineup. A lot of anniversaries, but its a good way to celebrate it — with a new record and bands we’ve known for 25 years. It’s pretty cool.”

Agreed. And yes, Immolation’s record will melt and/or fuck your face off, because it’s pure death metal at its finest. Yet, most of the people who go to see Cannibal Corpse this spring will know Immolation.

“I’d guess 90 percent of the people coming to the shows won’t know us,” Vigna says with a laugh. “It’s a great tour for us. Cannibal and Napalm, we’ve known those guys for years. This tour’s gonna be awesome and we’re just glad to be a part of it.”

Vigna…humble yet confident to know that his band’s latest output is strong.

“It’s been good to hear positive feedback with the new stuff for sure,” says Vigna. “People seem to like it.”

How can you not? Pummeling drums, memorable guitars, and old school death metal growls…what more do you fucking want, dude?

If you’re looking for trends, get fucked.

“The new stuff, it eludes me because we are so involved in what we are doing, it’s hard for me to keep up with what other bands are doing,” Vigna said.

That keeps Immolation’s sound pure.

“We’re always trying not to repeat ourselves, and trying to come up with as different stuff as we can for what we do,” he explains. “I am definitely not influenced by anything that comes out these days. I am inspired by trying to just write really good stuff. We don’t concern ourselves with what’s in, what’s not in. We just keep forging ahead, and that seems to work well for us.”

While 25 years is a long time for a death metal band to be kicking around, Immolation is not the kind of band that parties on the road.

Nope. Instead, they’re interested in the finer things. Namely, the local cuisine.

“On the road, you either get chicks or food and we always seem to be eating,” he jokes. “We’re not the crazy party band. We went down to Brazil recently for the first time. We hit Chile; that was a great experience. Some of the shows were with Incantation. And the food was awesome.”

Vigna recalled visiting a Brazilian steak house during the recent trek.

“They just keep coming over to you with meat and all this food,” Vigna said. ”That’s it for us, man.”

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