In Flames Frontman Talks Next Disc

Says ‘Siren Charms’ represents natural progression for band

In FlamesIn Flames

In Flames

This September, In Flames will release Siren Charms, their 11th album.

This week, frontman Anders Fridén spoke to Finland’s HC Sanomat about the new album in an interview that was transcribed by the dudes at Blabbermouth.

“I feel really good now that we have some distance and I’m super pleased with the result. It’s a new step for In Flames,” he said. “People will find typical In Flames, they will find something new. I think there’s a little bit for everyone.”

He adds:

“We just try to create the best possible album we can at the moment where we are in life at that point. So we never look at other bands or any genres and say, ‘Oh, this is what we wanna do.’ I mean, we went to Berlin for a reason, that studio, to see if we draw some energy from that studio. The pressure, especially from my end, it was… We had some ideas and structures and parts of songs, but the… The first two weeks, we put everything together, but I had nothing — I had no vocal melodies, no lyrics, no nothing. And I wanted to see if I could deliver under pressure and what that would do with me as a songwriter. So I had to draw inspiration from something, so I was watching a lot of documentaries about people in really bad situations, a lot of drug-related documentaries and so on. And from there, there’s so much sadness and desperation, but there’s hope as well, to get away from all the misery. There’s love and there’s hate, and I kind of used that. Then the title, ‘Siren Charms,’ a siren is in Greek mythology; it’s like a womanly creature who sings nice songs and lures sailors to the depths. And I used that kind of image to describe something in life that will charm you, and she has to symbolize the good and the evil part, so to speak. So it covers the whole album and all the theme of the album, if there’s a theme. And all the different songs are around this topic. [They’re] not very happy songs…. I think it has a sad tone or something. It was created under a lot of emotions and stress and inspiration as well, because of this time pressure, but it was supposed to be like that. I hated myself towards the end of the recording, because of this. I was, like, ‘Why do you put yourself in this situation?’ But at the end of the day, I’m happy I did and I got through to the other end.”

He said some other stuff, too, but that was less interesting.

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