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Make me an offerMake me an offer

Make me an offer

Since I announced a few weeks back that I wouldn’t be renewing the site’s registration this coming May, thus killing the very blog I’ve been running like a champ the last five years, I’ve had two readers reach out with emails asking me if I’d consider selling GSA.

It was quite flattering.

Truth be told, I hadn’t considered selling the blog before these emails arrived in my inbox. But, after I did a little online research, I determined that — based on some 20 different estimates — GSA’s domain and content could be worth as little as $2,500 or as much as $28,000.

I happen to think it is worth much more than $28,000, but that’s purely because the site represents five years of dedicated toil on my part.

Unfortunately, those two readers who inquired about taking the site off my hands changed their minds after some casual back and forth emails about the possibility.

What frustrated me was neither dude would make me a fucking offer.

“Tell me how much you’d take for it,” one kept insisting in our communications.

“You tell me what you think makes sense and what the site’s worth,” the other kept responding when I suggested he throw out a number for shits and giggles.

Look, I’m no business man. I don’t know how to handle these types of negotiations. I probably could have handled myself better with these two readers, but I’m a fucking honest writer with unbiased opinions. That’s what I do. I’m not a great negotiator, I guess.

Since I’d never thought about hawking the site before these two dudes put the fucking idea in my head, I figured what would it hurt to write a little post about my willingness to sell.

Of course, I’d love to see the site live on, even if someone else was at the reigns — I just can’t be GSA’s life blood anymore. That’s what my post three weeks back was basically trying to say.

That said, if, by some rare chance, you’ve always wanted to run your own metal or hard rock blog, but didn’t necessarily want to start things from square one, you should email me.

Yes, my post announcing my decision about the site’s future painted a rather grim picture. Yes, traffic has been on the decline and ad revenues haven’t been overwhelming. But maybe, in your hands, and under your direction, GSA could thrive and grow again.

Maybe you have the time the site needs. Maybe its your voice people should be hearing.

If you’re interested in discussing the matter further, you should feel free to email me at [email protected] Maybe I’d even be open to a partnership of some sort.

I really don’t want to see GSA eradicated from the web. So I’m open to suggestions and offers.

OK, I feel dirty now.

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