Inbox App Download – Why Google Inbox Is A Boon?

Inbox is an email management tool which has proved very advantageous for businesses. Those who own or manage business can make the most of this tool, to make correspondence easier. The following are a few methods by means of which you can easily use inbox to improve your business.

Online Storage Space

Companies tend to send and receive a number of messages as opposed to individuals who have fewer messages in their inbox. Inbox allows businesses to have up to 25GB of space which is plentiful space for sending and receiving mails and messages.

E-Mail Backing

To prevent permanent loss of mails, G-mail has a cloud service which backs e-mails, so that they can be procured in case of a system lapse. This feature is advantageous for businesses which have a number of documents and files saved in the form of mails. Plus the employees can access the service from just about anywhere which again is a great benefit. The feature syncs by itself and integrates easily in a seamless manner.

Compatible With Microsoft Office

Microsoft outlook as well as Blackberry devices can easily be synced with the inbox feature of Gmail. Now the users can directly send Office files directly without having to use a separate browser. This process speeds up the correspondence and eases the work of the employees.


Security is a major concern, especially when business dealings are concerned. The data travels through a secured and encrypted connection which ensures security for all its users. Safeguarding of mails is done thoroughly so that no one can hack into the accounts of the users.

Organizing Mails

This is one feature which Gmail can very proudly boast of. It allows the users to filter and sort their e-mails into different departments. This prioritization of mails helps users in reading those mails first which are important. In a business organization, there is often a barrage of mails so this feature helps in filtering out what to read and what to avoid. Also, those mails which need to read later can be marked as unread or can be star marked. The mails which are marked with a star go to a separate folder, so that the user can access it whenever required.

Add Ons

Inbox offers a number of add on to its users to simplify the usage. It has a number of tools which will help the users to make the most of Inbox; branding, advertisements, marketing, etc. can be improved with the many tools offered by Inbox.


All those business houses which make use of Inbox can customize their experience of using this amazing feature by Gmail. The user can control their correspondence as per their preferences without having to make do with default settings.

Inbox On Android

Sending and receiving mails on the go was never so easy. If you happen to use an Android app, make sure you install Inbox in it. All groups are presented in a meticulous format, i.e. in a card based form. Sliding the left panels will help the use in accessing the labels. Just tap on a mail and it will open in full screen as it would on the desktop.


Making groups is not difficult with the use of this feature, you can group your mails by subject people or words. You can skip this group form the inbox to keep it out of your hair. So this way you can simply avoid unwanted mails from bothering you.

Adding Reminders

You can pin mails, this will ensure that you do not forget about them and reply to them or re-read them without forgetting about it.

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