Inbox by Gmail All Set to Get Signature Support and Delete Button

Ever since people have started using smartphones, Google has made a remarkable attempt to improve its mailing service.

Although the company stepped into the smartphone market with a low-performance dedicated app, timely updates have been their key to success. Whether it is the improvement of an existing feature or the introduction of a new feature, Google has planned and worked well to fulfill the desires of its users. With a revolution in the smartphone world, Google reserved its spot ahead of other email service sites by offering the Inbox by Gmail app.

Launched last year, Inbox by Gmail is an email management app that presents emails in a simplified form to the users. The user-interface is appreciable as most of the tasks can be executed in a few seconds. With high-performance configuration and trendy design, Inbox didn’t take much time in making it to the priority list of the Android users. Moreover, it created a huge buzz in the market about its smooth user-experience and redesigned looks.

However, the users reported that some basic features such as the One-touch delete and predefined signature options are not present in the app. As this is quite disappointing for an app which aims to provide ease-of-operations to its users, the developers have started working to include these features in the upcoming version.

As reported by the Inbox by Gmail team, the two new features have been designed and are currently going through certain testing procedures. Once the update hits the Play Store, users will be able to insert a signature in the mails by configuring it from the settings option. In addition to this, they will get the option to delete mails from inbox in a mere click. This means that the Inbox by Gmail will turn out to be a more simplified and effective platform for people who receive dozens of mails every day.

While the development team is eyeing on the launch of newly designed features, the users of the app are complaining about the absence of “Mark as Unread” feature. Furthermore, some have the view that the snooze and pin features are offered to replace the Mark as Unread option.

Overall, Inbox by Gmail is trending in more than 150 countries across the world. Noticing the effectiveness of a simplified email management app, Microsoft is planning to design a similar app named Flow by Outlook. Hence, the Inbox by Gmail might face stiff competition in the near future if it doesn’t prove its supremacy by fulfilling the users’ expectations.

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