Insomnium Studio Blog: Heart On My Sleeve, Part 6

Insomnium Studio Blog

Last week, Insomnium released a first taste from what they’ve been up to as of late, and the new track destroys. Layers cities. It’s epic. Listen to it here. Now, a week later, our exclusive Insomnium studio blog continues with another entry from Ville Friman.

In 72 hours, I’ll be sitting backstage at a venue called Tyrol in Stockholm. It’s only these hours that separate my normal daily routines from unpredictable life on road…this time we’re going to join our forces with two Finnish bands, Children of Bodom and Medeia, and tour mainly northern Europe for about four weeks.

What makes this trip special is that it’s definitely the biggest tour we’ve done in Europe so far: many venues have a capacity of a couple thousand, and most of the nights, we’re going to play just before Children of Bodom.

So, how exactly do you survive the next four weeks of lack of sleep, alcohol abuse and sore neck?

What are the touring essentials that you should always bring with you?

Here’s my shortlist:

1) Vitamins and medicine. Even though catering works rather well in Europe, remember to take your multi-vitamins. A bus full of people is a hotspot for flu epidemics, and keeping up your immunity will at least prolong the onset of coughing and sneezing. Also bring painkillers and flu medicine for a speedy recovery once you get sick.

2) Enough clothes. You get all kinds of weather when touring Europe in the fall, and it gets cold and rainy fast. And there’s nothing worse than being wet and cold.

3) Entertainment, that is, Macbook Pro. It has it all: work stuff, movies, demo studio. Just remember to back up everything before you go.

4) Earplugs and earphones. These ensure that you get a good night’s sleep and some time alone; even though I’m social, being around people 24/7 gets to you at some point. Good music and time alone is sometimes much needed.

See you soon on tour!

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