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Insomnium Studio Blog

GunShyAssassin has, in recent years, become something of a hub for wordsmiths throughout the metal world and that is something we are extremely proud of. Today, we are overwhelmed to be introducing you to our next writer, Ville Friman. The following is the first part in a series of studio blogs he’ll be doing while his band, Finnish death metal outfit Insomnium, works on the follow-up to One For Sorrow. Welcome Ville to the GSA family!

“Where do you draw inspiration from?”

One of those inevitable questions you come across in almost every single interview. Normally, I go for movies, books, comics…whatever catches your attention and makes you think, basically. If it only was that easy.

In reality, you end up staring at that same blank page or those odd few lines one day after another. Trying to arrange those old riffs again and again just to realize that you cannot tell anymore if they’re even good or not.

Creating something is a process involving a hell of a lot of work. Yes, you do need to feel motivated, and yes, you need to be inspired. But in the end, songs do not write themselves.

You need to put in the work. You also need to be your toughest critic. Whatever you do, do not fall in love. Be objective and analytical, but trust your guts. If it doesn’t work, and you can’t make it work, it probably doesn’t work. Bin it and start from scratch.

For me, most of the inspiration and motivation comes from this process. I embrace the challenge of turning something raw into something more complete — breathing life into those few odd notes. If it weren’t the music, it would be something else.

In the end, it’s about tinkering with the human brain. Finding ways to stimulate those neurons controlling your emotions. I’m the pilot experiment, you are the clinical trial, and the music is our drug. And to make the drug really work, it has to be the real stuff.

Similar to theatre, you are funny or you aren’t. You make people cry or utterly bored. It’s a narrow path, dimly lit by honesty. But once you taste the real thing, you never want to go back to a placebo.

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