Instagram Update – Reviewing the Email-route Highlights Strategy

Marking the presence for four long years in the rapidly growing market of social media apps, Instagram can be regarded as a leading player of the socially photo-sharing platforms.

With that compliment comes another tag where it is said to be an “old” player. Though Instagram may refuse to accept the latter tag, one just cannot deny that it is fighting for existence at the top position of the best social media app. As a matter of fact, the interest level of the registered users in using the app has gradually reduced over the last few months.

With such signs of downgrade, Instagram has made an effort to grab its users’ attention. Though the app has rarely followed the email-route for keeping its members updated, it has come up with the Highlights strategy. Under this strategy, Instagram is providing a personalized News Feed to the members via emails. But why is the company sending such Highlights mail all of a sudden? Here’s an explanation.

Instagram lists posts and updates in a reverse chronological order. In simpler words, the news feed displays the most recent post ahead of the older posts. This type of order is often referred to as “Double-edged sword”, because it informs the users of the latest happenings, but it also requires the user to spend much time on the app to go through every post. With that said the users who do not spend a bit too much time end up experiencing only the latest activity. As this may not be appropriate at all conditions, Instagram has lately decided to send the Highlights via mail so that the users can see the relevant posts.

Though the basic idea of this email-route News Feed update to the users sounds effectual, the strategy received mixed reviews from the public. Users who followed all of their friends’ activities on the Instagram app listed the Highlights mail as a representation of old info. Moreover, some people marked it as spam because Instagram never spoke of this strategy throughout its 4-year existence. However, there was a group of people who were pleased with the move. This group mainly consisted of people who don’t usually get much time to spend on the social media app.

Overall, the strategy of sending the most relevant news feed via email is a re-engagement tactic from Instagram. After four-years of existence, the app needed some tunings and re-adjustments. Instagram developers have lately realized this need and the Highlight-strategy is an appreciable but spammy move. As the app is heading towards a mid-life crisis, it requires some innovative features and tactics to keep the platform interesting for new and existing users.

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