Install Android M on Your Sony Xperia Z3 Now

Sony has allowed its Xperia users to try and test the new OS, Android M on their devices.

While the OS will run great on any Xperia device, it is likely that it will work the best on the Xperia Z3, the latest flagship by the company until the Xperia Z4 or Z3+ hits the market.

Can You Use Android M Regularly?

Before you install Android M on your Sony Xperia Z3 it is important to note that this is just a preview. Some of the features of Android M are missing, but more of the core ones are there and you can test how they will work on your flagship device. Sony doesn’t recommend using the Android M on a daily basis. There are some limitations to the OS, like there is no camera or modem implemented. In order to use the Android M, you need to have an unlocked device with boot loader.

How to Install?

In order to install the Android M on your Sony Xperia Z3, you will need to take several steps. First off, you need a desktop computer that runs on Ubuntu or any other Linux based OS. You need this in order to create a flash drive with the Android M preview and then install it on the handset.
Before you start the installation, you will have to configure your computer and Java environment in order for the process to work. Then, you will be required to install the tools to make an Android build and download the necessary software binaries and files. The complete guide can be found on the link below, where officials from Sony will guide you how to install the Android M.


What Can You Do?

It is important to note that Android M will bring a series of changes to how your phone operates. For example, there is a completely new app permission system in place. Some of the applications that you have installed on your device might not work on the Android M. Therefore, it is better to test the applications for compatibility and if you can live with some apps not working in the Android M preview, install it.

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