iOS 8.2 Battery Fix Information: Solve Battery Drain Issues Today

Apple released iOS 8.2 to mobile devices on March 9, 2015. Since then, millions of people have downloaded the update with mixed results. Unfortunately, a large number of users have reported battery problems after the update. Various issues are causing updated devices to use more battery life than normal. Unlucky users have mentioned that their devices die 25 to 50% sooner than before the update. For obvious reasons, that’s a huge problem for iOS users, but a variety of solutions are available for each issue.

Common Battery Problems in iOS 8.2

Upon updating to iOS 8.2, battery life issues from iOS 8.1 can worsen without explanation. Devices seem to suck down power for no particular reason, and this is the hardest glitch to fix. Other issues involve cloud services and even the Health app with fitness tracking. For the most part, users can fix these issues themselves with a few clever tricks. Not all battery drain causes have an immediate solution, though. The following solutions should reverse the battery problems found within iOS 8.2 for the average person.

Update to iOS 8.3 to Solve Most Issues

Somewhere in the code for iOS 8.2 something is causing batteries to drain more quickly. Without a doubt, the best solution is to change the operating system on an iPhone or iPad. Apple pushed iOS 8.3 to its devices on April 8, 2015, and there’s no reason users should avoid updating their mobile devices. Plenty of users have reported that the newest update fixes battery drain problems more so than other solutions. Therefore, it can’t hurt to update to iOS 8.3 as soon as possible to see if the situation is remedied.

Disable Services and Apps That Drain The Battery

In iOS 8.2, certain apps and services suck on the battery without users realizing the extent of the power drain. The Health app relies upon fitness tracking software and hardware in certain iOS devices. These services are enabled by default, whether a person uses the Health app or not. To fix this problem, users should head to their settings and disable fitness tracking. Other apps and services can be disabled or uninstalled to reduce the load on a device’s battery. Nobody should leave these services running if they won’t be used after all.

Restore The Device To Factory Settings

Most users want to avoid factory resetting their iOS devices, but it’s sometimes necessary. Doing so requires a few steps and makes the device like new once again without extra apps or updates. By resetting an Apple device, battery drain should be reduced to normal levels for idle and active devices. Users will lose their data and apps if they’re not backed up, so that’s important to keep in mind. Resetting a device only takes a few minutes and should rectify battery issues caused by iOS 8.2, no matter the cause of such issues.

Are you dealing with iOS 8.2 battery problems?

More and more users are getting frustrated with battery issues caused by iOS 8.2 right now. Apple has done little to solve these problems aside from releasing version 8.3 of iOS. Still, users on the previous operating system version can fix most of their problems with these solutions. Other battery drain causes might require more complicated measures.

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