iOS 9, Apple TV and iPad Pro Expected at WWDC 2015 – What Else?

On June 8, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 event will make its debut and the fans are expecting from the CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook to announce the new operating system, the next Apple TV video streamer, an update for Apple Watch and the Apple Car. Here’s what you can expect from the WWDC 2015.

iOS 9

Apple will most likely use the opportunity to talk about the upcoming iOS 9, which is rumored to feature the Beats Music-powered music application, a new font – San Francisco, which looked good on the Apple Watch, and likewise the future OS X 10.11 beta, will be built on Handoff and Continuity, to help Macs and iOS smartphones and tablets to work better. Currently, the Cupertino-based company is focusing on the iOS 8.4, which will support Apple Music, but it isn’t certain how long it will take until this version will be rolled out worldwide.

Apple TV and TVKit

Apple will unveil a new TV streaming device, but the Apple TV set won’t be released yet. However, Apple’s HomeKit will make its way into people’s houses, being a framework in iOS 8 which will help the users control connected accessories using Siri – the intelligent personal assistant which takes voice commands. Apple will release a new platform, TVKit, which will be like an App store for Apple TV.

iPad Pro

The alleged iPad Pro with a screen measuring almost 13inches might be presented at the WWDC, after the first rumors about this huge iOS tablet started appearing on the internet back in August 2014. However, even if there were some speculations pointing out to a release in 2015, it seems that the device will hit the stores next year. The tablet is reported to feature an 11,000mAh battery and will offer a split-screen, app multitasking feature, which will allow the users to split their screen into two, to use two applications simultaneously.

Apple Watch to support third-party data

Currently, you can install third-party applications on your Apple Watch, but in short time, the company will allow you to add third-party data such as the option to see how many followers have mentioned you on Twitter, or to read latest message. The WatchKit platform will be launched for the independent developers who want to create apps for the Watch, and we can expect it to be available by the end of 2015.

Apple Car
Apple wants to get into the car business and it’s already developing its own vehicle, which will be electric-powered and might have a Minivan-like appearance, but we can’t guarantee you that the company will give information about the progress of this project. According to macrumors, Apple will produce the first electric car by 2020.

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