iOS 9 BETA Downgrade To iOS 8.3 – iPhone and iPad Guide

There are a lot of users who installed iOS 9 BETA on their devices. However, we’re pretty sure that many want to downgrade to iOS 8.3, as the new iOS 9 BETA currently has a lot of bugs that the developers will most likely fix them before the new OS gets to a stable form.

Apple warns you that downgrading to an earlier version of iOS is impossible, but you can do it anyway by following some simple steps.

HINT: Keep in mind that you will be able to downgrade to the latest iOS 8 version, which is currently iOS 8.3.

First of all, you will need to make a backup of your iOS device to iCloud. To do this, you will use iTunes and after that, restore the data from the backup. Keep in mind that in order to downgrade to iOS 8.3, you will need to wipe the data from your device. This means that in case you have a lot of data to recover and your internet connection is poor, you will have to wait a bit longer than expected.

Downgrading your iPad or iPhone from iOS 9 BETA to iOS 8.3

First of all, turn off the „Find my iPhone” feature that’s found on Settings->iCloud->Find my iPhone. You will also need to put your device in DFU mode (Device Firmware Upgrade mode) by plugging your device into a computer, turning it off by holding the Power button.

After that, you will need to hold the Power button for 3 seconds and, after that, hold the Home button for another 10 seconds (in this time, you will still have to hold the Power button). After these 10 seconds expire, you will need to release the Power button, but continue holding the Home button until you will see a pop-up on your computer saying that your device is in recovery mode.

Click „OK” and then select „Restore iPhone” or „Restore iPad” button. Now a new pop-up will appear, where you will need to click on the „Restore and Update” button to continue. You will be informed that you are about to install iOS 8.3 on your device and after selecting „Agree”, iTunes will start downloading the iOS 8.3 software and install it on your mobile device.

When the installation is complete, you will see a “Hello” screen and you will need to follow the instructions to setup your device and restore the data from iTunes. After restoring the data on your mobile device, you’re done. You now have iOS 8.3 installed on your iPad or iPhone.

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