iOS 9 – Everything Known So Far, Top Features

The annual Worldwide Developer Conference will start in 10 days and Apple will use this event as an opportunity to reveal its upcoming iOS 9 and all of its features. But don’t expect major changes. Apple focused on improving its stability and to make it compatible with devices that are powered by an Apple A5 processor. This means that the iPhone 4S, the iPad Minis, the iPad 2 and the fifth generation of the iPod touch will be able to upgrade to iOS 9.

Apple Music

Last year, Apple bought the audio equipment and streaming divisions of Beats Electronics for the sum of $3 billion and most likely, WWDC will be a good opportunity to announce the new revamped version of Beats Music, which will probably be called Apple Music. The current users of Beats Music won’t need to create a new account for iTunes or an Apple ID, because their accounts will merge, but this will work only for those living in the US. The latest acquisition of Apple is the UK music analytics start-up Semetric, with the intention to enter with force into the industry and to gain information about bands or artists in terms of sales, most popular songs. Rumors say that Apple already contacted Taylor Swift and Florence and the Machine for a possible partnership, which means that not all of their music would be available on all streaming platforms. Jay Z, the owner of Tidal, is very angry on Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine, because he tried to sign contracts with artists who sell their music on Tidal. Anyway, the users who will register to Apple Music might benefit from a three month free trial, then they will pay a monthly subscription of $10.

Split-screen mode

If the rumors are true, iOS will support multitasking, meaning that the users will run multiple applications at the same time, without worrying about the performance of their devices. This new feature will be very useful for iPads, because Apple’s tablets weren’t able to be as effective as a Surface Pro or a Lenovo tablet. Apple is rumored to release an iPad Pro device with a screen of 12.9inches which will run on iOS 9. The leaks indicate that the dimensions of this premium tablet will be 305.3×220.8x7mm and the device will have a Force Touch-enabled display and a pressure-sensitive stylus. Apple introduced Force Touching on the Apple Watch, and this technology uses a single surface to trigger multiple functions, being able to distinguish the tiny bit of pressure from the heavy pressure you apply on the screen. This technology could be integrated into the upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, which are rumored to feature an improved camera of 12MP.


This is a search function which will be much better than Spotlight, because it will offer search results that will include installed applications, contacts, notes and even Wikipedia entries. You will find this feature to the left of the homescreen.

Apple Pay rewards

Apple will try to stimulate its fans to use the Apple Pay payment method, which allows them to buy different goods and to pay for services using the NFC chips from the latest iPhones and the Apple Watch.

Security system Rootless

This new security system would be the end of the jailbreaking era, stopping hackers from cracking iOS and stealing data. This measure comes after last year, many celebrities saw their nude pictures on the internet, being stolen from the online storage service iCloud.

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