iOS 9 Rootless Version To Be Released By Apple?

There are more and more rumors saying that Apple will finally succeed in bringing a rootless iOS version. However, the groups of hackers always proved that, sooner or later, they’ve found a way to get root access to thse iOS. Obviously, it will be a bit harder to hack the new iOS 9, but that doesn’t mean it will be impossible.

However, until the iOS 9 will be released and the hackers will start working on hacking it, let’s talk about the features that the upcoming platform will have.

iOS 9 to come with enhanced iMessage, Keyboard and Apple Pay and to support iPhone 6S Force Touch

iOS 9 will include some important enhancements such as the split-screen application on iPads, the new home application that will allow you to control HomeKit accessories, a new UI font and more improvements to the security and performance. However, there are some features that not many talked about and we’re going to tell you below.


iMessage is going to receive some minor, but pretty important improvements. It seems that the iOS 9 users will be able to activate the read receipts for only specific contacts, such as close friends or family, while leaving the read status disabled for “unimportant” people. At the same time, Apple might remove the Game Center application, as it is not present on some internal iOS 9 builds.


Apple is also working on an updated keyboard for the upcoming iOS 9. Rumors say that Apple has prototyped multiple new keyboard designs, including one which is a bit longer than the current keyboard. In portrait mode, this keyboard comes with some additional editing tools.

Apple Pay to be released in Canada

It seems that Apple Pay is going to be released in Canada. This means that Canada will be the first country, outside of the United States that it will officially support the Apple Pay service. The iOS 9 passbook application includes all the necessary foundation to support credit cards, debit cards, credit unions and banks from Canada. However, Apple will need to finalize the negotiations with the Canadian banks before they can release the service in that country.

Force Touch for the iPhone 6S

According to rumors, the upcoming iPhone 6S will look mostly like the iPhone 6 and it will include a Force Touch display. In order to go with the new feature that the iPhone 6S comes with, Apple will integrate the Force Touch into the App Store applications. The new Force Touch feature will most likely replace some “long press and hold” button interactions. In addition, the Force Touch to the new iPhone 6S will work the same as the Force Touch Trackpad, which is found on the Retina MacBook and Retina MacBook Pro.

The Force Touch will probably be integrated into the media player, Maps, Calendar and across the system. Apple will say more about the Force Touch technology during the WWDC 2015 event that will be held in San Francisco, on June 8-12, 2015.

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