Iron Maiden Guitarist No Fosse Fan

Iron Maiden

OK, I’ll admit it right off the bat: This post only exists because I wanted to get this insane picture of Iron Maiden up on my blog. I mean, look at that picture. I’m almost afraid for Maiden. I don’t want that alien with the exposed brain hurting them. I love Maiden. Alas, I missed their recent shows in New York, but I’ve seen Maiden a ton of times. It’s all good.

So yeah, Maiden axeman Janick Gers (I mean, thankfully there’s a Ja at the front of his name, or other wise, it’d sound like a racial slur) spoke with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about a bunch of stuff, including the band’s current tour and the future of Maiden.

“It’s been fun, and as long as we enjoy it and it feels valid and the fans are still coming and we have great concerts, I’d like to carry on,” says Gers. “And the minute I don’t enjoy it and we don’t deliver, I wouldn’t want to carry on as a parody act doing a cabaret show. We’re kind of intransigent. We never change. We know what we want. And it’s in the music. We’re never going to do a pop song, for instance. We’re never going to do a song to try and get on the charts. We’re just going to do what we think is right, and we did that through the ’90s when grunge was popular and people wouldn’t listen to rock anymore, and there were stations out there saying, ‘We’re not going to play any more rock ‘n’ roll.’ We just kept on touring and stuck to our guns, and that’s one of the reasons I think we’re still around.”

And what did Gers have to say about the new disc, The Final Frontier?

“We’re in a progressive stage with the band now. We’re taking it to extremes. The new album, I’m really proud of it, ’cause the one song we released isn’t indicative of the rest of the album — there’s so many different feels and ways of playing on the album. We go through some different attitudes and take you to different places. There’s a lot of long thematic tunes on this album. And some very varied music.”

Read the rest of the article for more from Gers.


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