Is Facebook Messenger The Best Messenger?

A lot of Facebook users have asked for a standalone web client for chatting with their friends without needing to open the Facebook website. This is possible on mobile devices through the official Facebook Messenger app but such an application had been missing for the desktop and laptop users. Facebook has paid heed to the demands of it’s users and has finally launched a dedicated Web client which will let users chat with their friends without being on the Facebook page.

This does not mean that Facebook users will not be able to send messages or chat with their friends from the Facebook page as the messenger client is not going to replace the chat on Facebook but is a standalone application to further increase Facebook’s user base at a time when other messaging applications are eating up it’s market share.

What Does It Offer?

The Facebook Web client is supposed to make communicating with your friends a less distracting task as you will not be bothered by news feeds and notifications. Users can now concentrate solely on their conversations which is a great thing.

The web client will also offer users the chance to send pictures, audio and use smileys and sticker like the normal chats. To be honest there is no difference when it comes to the chatting experience while using the Facebook Web client as all features are available. It is just a more convenient and peaceful way to continue your conversations.

What looks even better is the fact that the Web version will also offer the option of making payments and completing purchases from Facebook business associates. This is something which Facebook has been planning to do for quite some time as it tries to infiltrate more and more into the lives of the people. Facebook wants users to be able to communicate with the companies, track and confirm their order and shipping details and much more.

A presence on the desktop however lends a completely different dimension to Facebook Messenger. There has been a decline in the number of users on Facebook with the social networking site seemingly losing traction among users, something that was inevitable.

The IM messaging apps had been quietly eating away at it’s heels and the option to chat with your friends via the messenger web client will definitely be well received by a lot of users across the world as the social networking site still holds the largest share in the market.

Does Messenger Benefit From The Move?

Facebook Messenger had been a mobile only app till now which was compatible with most of the major mobile operating systems. The move to introduce Facebook Messenger on desktop devices will let more users communicate with their friends via the application during situations when they do not wish to use their small on-screen keyboards on their mobile phones and tablets. Just like on Facebook Messenger, the users will also have the option of making video calls to their friends or can just make a voice call.

Facebook is expected to expand this section in the future and a lot of good things are set to be introduced. For now, the availability of a web client goes a long way in supporting Facebook Messenger’s hopes of being the best Messenger app in the industry.

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