Is The Nokia 215 Capable of Running WhatsApp?

In early 2015, the simple Nokia 215 was unveiled as a budget mobile device. It costs less $30 and comes with very basic features, considering it’s not an actual smartphone. Users in parts of Asia, Europe, and Latin America will be able to utilize this device. On the other hand, it doesn’t include GSM bands for North America, so the device won’t be sold there. Certain countries already have the 215 in stock, and other countries will follow suit within the next month or so. Nokia has finally re-entered the market!

An Overview Of The Nokia 215

The Nokia 215 is a simple bar cell phone with certain smartphone features. For instance, a basic Web browser is available in the form of Opera. This particular device runs on 2G networks only, so download speeds are incredibly slow. A 2.4-inch screen is powered by a 1,100 mAh battery. For storage, users receive 8GB of internal memory with expandable storage available, too. A 0.3-megapixel camera is available for low-quality snapshots, and fixed focus comes standard here.

Who is Nokia targeting with the 215?

With this device, Nokia is targeting the budget mobile device market and nothing else. The 215 comes with basic features, though it does have a few advantages over competing devices. Its camera is terrible, but $30 phones almost never come with a camera. Call quality is great for a device in this category, and a polycarbonate build is a nice touch. Undoubtedly, users looking for a budget smartphone should look elsewhere because that’s not the 215 by any means.

Can the phone access apps?

Nokia’s 215 runs a basic, proprietary operating system that’s rudimentary at best. Users can navigate through various menus, update settings, and access pre-installed “apps”. Sadly, this includes only the Web browser, an alarm clock, and a couple other options. The 215 lacks access to app marketplaces like the Google Play Store, and there is no way to install apps onto this device. Nobody is going to download anything onto this device, except for their music and photos or other files.

Can the 215 run WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a popular service and app used by millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, the Nokia 215 can’t run WhatsApp because it’s not a supported device. Its operating system and available RAM couldn’t run WhatsApp under any circumstances whatsoever. Users that like the app are going to want an actual smartphone to access the app’s messaging features. Nokia didn’t design the 215 for basic smartphone users after all. At $30, potential buyers can’t argue against that fact.

A Most Basic Cell Phone (On Purpose)

Nokia isn’t trying to make waves in the mobile phone industry with the 215. This device is nothing more than an ultra-budget cell phone designed for countries with spotty wireless networks. In the end, WhatsApp can’t be run on this device, nor can any other advanced smartphone apps. A lack of an app store makes app installations impossible, and the device isn’t even powerful enough to run basic smartphone apps. Only basic users should consider purchasing this device, and that’s the target audience that Nokia is striving to accommodate here. Still, the Nokia 215 is the perfect basic phone.

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