Is UC Browser For Android Good Enough?

There are so many browsers to choose from, that users may get confused as to which browser to choose from. UC browser has been much talked about, while some love it, some do not like it. So in this article we will discover is UC browser worthy enough to occupy some space in your phone memory. While there are some advantages, there are some disadvantages too, which have been discussed below:

Optimized Browser For Small Screen

This is a great browser for android phones, as it allows clean and crisp browsing without taking up much of the screen space. If you are planning to download a browser for your mobile, then this is the apt one, which will help in managing different tabs and pages easily. Plus, it is quite fast when used on android devices, which is an added advantage. There are absolutely no lags while going through simultaneous downloads. This is a benefit for those who mostly use their tabs, notes and Smartphones for surfing the net.

A Speed Dial Page

If you happen to visit a certain page frequently, then you can make use of this feature. Like for example if you visit Google or Facebook quite often during the day, then you can keep it in the speed dial page, so that you do not have to type the URL over and over again, this will save you time and speed up the browsing process.

The Minimalist Interface

This feature allows the user to make the most of the screen space rather than the toolbars taking up one-fourth of the screen. This is the main reason why most small virtual device users install this app for browsing.

Fast And Easy To Use

The main feature of a browser is to easily upload pages without lags and UC browser successfully does it. You will be at an advantage if you have a 2GB RAM on your android device as it will speed up the process even faster. It is a great browser for those who love to visit different pages, as it simplifies and speeds this activity.

Works On Slow Connection

Even in this world of 3G there are times when you have to make do with 2G speed. Using other browsers on normal speed can be quite irritating because there are many lags. However, the same cannot be said about UC browser which works pretty well on 2G speed. It is quite surprising to see how it manages to load and manage different pages at the same time that too at slow internet connectivity. This feature wins brownie points.

The ipad Version

If we were to make comparisons, the UC browser for iOS users is slightly better. It eases browsing on social networking sites and allows user to watch floating videos, which means the user can see a video whilst browsing other pages, so it’s kind of enchanting. Sharing a page is quite simple too, so yes, there are a few advantages for iOS users.

The Verdict

As mentioned earlier, there are so many browsers with such great features, that it becomes difficult to choose from them. UC browser is a decent browser which has been enjoyed by android users, the easy to use interface makes it a favorite with the novice and the ability to surf different pages at the same time is a hit with the social networking “butterflies”. However, it is not an absolute standout from other browsers, even though it’s better than most of the pre-installed default ones. In case you have bought a new phone and wish to switch to a new browser you can very well install this one and give it a try.

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