It Must Be Sad To Be Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack

The mascara-wearing frontman stops Vancouver gig to go after heckler in the audience

Andy BiersackAndy Biersack

Andy Biersack

I’m sure Andy Biersack gets his fair share of chicks on the road. I’m sure they’re all super hot. They probably blumpkin him and even offer up their rectums for savaging.

I’d bet Biersack doesn’t worry each month about paying his bills, and can probably afford to buy whatever he wants without having to put too much contemplation into it.

But at the end of the day, I sincerely feel bad for Andy, and not just because he always has to wear more mascara than your standard test bunny.

Why do I feel bad for a guy like Andy? Because he clearly doesn’t enjoy being in Black Veil Brides. He knows his band isn’t highly regarded.

He just gets so defensive and easily offended when people put his band down, you’ve got to imagine he understands his band’s a fucking embarrassment that’s only truly appreciated by disillusioned teenage girls who’re all trying desperately to be different than their peers.

Listen, when I was MTV News for four years, it was considered a step up in my career. In front of most people, I professed a love for my job. People kissed my ass all the time because I was working at MTV. But at the end of the day, as a metal fan and music journalist, I knew deep down inside there was something inherently lame about working for MTV News.

Deep down inside, Andy is not satisfied being in his disposable band, and it comes out from time to time — for our entertainment purposes.

Last night in Vancouver, Andy went off on a dude near the front of the stage during Black Veil Brides’ set.

The dude kept calling out for opener Memphis May Fire to return to the stage, reports claim, and this sparked Andy’s ire.

Biersack stopped the band’s set to launch a verbal assault against the unknown heckler, who should be ashamed for being a fan of Memphis May Fire.

Then, as you’ll see in the following footage, Andy jumped from the stage, and disappeared into the crowd, presumably trying to maybe pummel the loud mouth. Security promptly followed, to keep Andy from making any mistakes.

It’s funny to think Andy could beat up anyone. In my experience, dude’s who talk mad shit never actually end up taking action. People who take action are too busy throwing fists to talk shit.

Wait for the shrieking of teenage girls, which ensues right after Andy lunges into the audience, proving this band’s only real fans are awkward teenage girls (and let’s be honest — most teenage girls have horrible taste in music; most women I know didn’t develop decent musical taste until after high school).

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