Jane’s Addiction To Start Recording Next Month

The real Jane’s Addiction

I feel like we’ve been hearing about this forthcoming Jane’s Addiction album for years now. They’ve been working on this thing so long, original bassist Eric Avery has left and been replaced by Velvet Revolver’s Duff McKagan, who has already had enough of Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell and left the band not too long ago. Plus, Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor, who initially worked on early demos of the disc, has released a soundtrack and formed a new band and released a record with that group.

When is Jane’s Addiction going to get their shit together and start tracking the fucking record already? Well, Dave said at some red carpet event over the weekend that the band will start recording actual songs next month.

“We’re actually writing quite a bit and getting ready to go into the studio in December and start recording tracks and hopefully have something by early next year,” Dave explained. Sure. Early next year. I’ll believe it when I hear it, Navarro.

You know, there was a time in my life where Jane’s Addiction was my religion. Early 1990s. Of the rock memorabilia displayed on the walls of my home…I mean office, there are two rare Jane’s Addiction posters. I even have Perry Farrell signature somewhere around here. So needless to say, if Jane’s comes on Sirius’ Lithium, I will be singing that shit word for word, note for note. I think Jane’s were one of the most important rock bands to emerge from the 1990s alternative scene, and think that some Jane’s riffs are fucking metal.

But I have to say…as a longtime fan, all these delays and the fact that Avery’s out — I don’t know, man. Makes me hanker for the good old days, before Dave was married to Carmen Electra and Lollapalooza didn’t have fucking Lady GaGa on it. When Jane’s was about the songs, and not the egos.

Guys, just get the fucking record done…before some of us really stop caring. Hunker down, focus, and churn ‘er out. And let me tell you — if the thing sucks, we’re done. Strays was OK, but then you went and sold one of your songs to “Entourage,” so that killed it for me.

Just stop delaying, stop making empty promises — record the fucker. Grow up, guys.

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