Jeff Loomis Speaks: Nevermore Split Longtime Coming

Jeff Loomis

The dudes over at MetalSucks scored an interview with former Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis, whose solo album is a must-own. And they got right down to business and asked him why he left Nevermore.

“[Drummer] Van [Williams] and I started discussing leaving Nevermore when we were on our last tour with Symphony X in Europe,” Loomis starts.

“Obviously, as everyone knows, Nevermore had been together since 1993, and we were very happy for many years. I think that over a period of time, with excessive touring and doing records together, we just got burnt out from one another. There were also many issues with drinking and alcohol abuse — [my own] included. I’m not out to do interviews about the end of Nevermore and just zero out particular people in the band; that would be wrong and false information anyway.”

During the tour’s last leg, Van and Jeff “had a talk with Warrel [Dane] backstage and we told him we didn’t want to continue on with the next tour with Symphony X in the States. We wanted to take some time and regroup, so to speak, and wait for Jim [Sheppard] to come back, since he was recovering from brain surgery.”

Sounds reasonable. Continue.

“Warrel really did not like that idea, but Van and I stuck with it, thinking it was a smart move to maybe start fresh at a later date. All hell kind of broke from that [discussion], because the concert promoter [in the U.S.] got pissed off, and I heard through the grapevine that we might get sued because of it. That’s pretty much when Van and I issued a statement that we were going to depart from the band. I really just had had enough at the end. I want to do different things musically, and I think it was just better that we left. It was quite amazing, though, with all the response we got from our fans. It’s really nice to know that we affected so many people in a positive way with our music.”

You can read the rest of what Jeff had to say over at MetalSucks. Go give those guys some much-needed traffic. I’m kidding.

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