Jerry Only Has Some Choice Words For Glenn Danzig

Jerry Only

Everyone has an opinion on former Misfits leader — and cat lover — Glenn Danzig, and mine is that the dude is a rock and roll icon that takes himself waaaay too seriously. The Northside Kings feel Glenn’s a small man with a glass jaw. But what does Misfits bassist Jerry Only think of Glenn?

“I like Glenn; I never really disliked Glenn as a person. But we do have a lot of influence on people and I won’t — for profit or for fame — jeopardize the safety of my fans to make money and to promote something that I don’t think is right for them. Glenn got into this whole Satanic outlook and I wouldn’t throw that on my kids and I won’t do that.”

Uhm, OK. So now the Misfits are going to get religious on us? That fucking sucks. That’s not the Misfits I signed up for all those years ago, but then again, the current Misfits isn’t exactly the Misfits I first signed up for, so…

“If Glenn wants to go to church and repent, I guess we’re good to go… I don’t think Glenn is the devil and I think he kind of promotes himself as the devil, and, to me, that seems absurd. It just seems to me that if kids are buying all this crap, it’s like [he’s] marketing something that shouldn’t be marketed, in my opinion. I’m not about that. I was brought up totally Catholic with my grandmother. I see these kids at the show — they look up to me. We keep a clean program; we don’t party, we don’t drink, we don’t have hookers in here and all that stupid shit. We’re a family band, and we kind of keep the American dream nice and solid and real. And the kids like that… I’m not saying that Glenn is anti all that stuff, it’s just that when you have albums [with titles like] Son Of Satan and all this kind of stuff, it’s a message that a lot of kids may take the wrong way and a lot of kids may get hurt because of it. And a lot of kids may argue with their parents over the subject matter that they’re bringing into the house and have a bad relationship with their folks. Why? Is that something I would want to impose upon them? Make them have a bitter relationship with their parents over my music? No…”

Jerry thinks the Misfits are a sci-fi band. And I can see that. “Glenn’s very talented. I don’t think that musically we’re in the same zone anymore. But look, I’ve got a lot of respect for Glenn. I always thought that Glenn had a lot of talent. And I just think that Glenn… I don’t wanna say he’s misguided, but I think that he’s got a message that’s not productive for the people who get it.”

The Misfits are now, officially, un-fucking-cool.

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