Job For A Cowboy’s Jonny Davy: The Gun Shy Interview

Job For A Cowboy frontman Jonny Davy

So, in 2010, not long after the release of their last full-length, The Devil Wears Prada released an EP over the summer, which did fairly well on the Billboard charts. It seems as though ever since, every other week a different band is announcing their intention to record and release an EP. Between the Buried and Me are working on one, Megasus is coming out with one. Meanwhile, Glassjaw has an EP on the way, as does Gojira. The list never ends.

Now, you can add Arizona death metallers Job for a Cowboy to that list. After wrapping a tour earlier this week, the band will take a little break for the holidays, and in 2011, reconvene to work on their next studio offering, which frontman Jonny Davy says is being eyed for release in April.

“We have pieces of the puzzle written, but we haven’t quite put it together yet,” Davy tells Gun Shy Assassin. “With us, [releasing an EP] made the most sense, because we are just not ready to put out a full-length and we feel like if we waited for the full-length, that would be quite a long time of us being inactive. So we just decided to put out an EP. And we’re going to tour the EP…there are a couple of tours in mind for May, but I can’t really say anything about it yet.”

I happen to love EPs. Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, bands would put out EPs all the time, and it was sick. It meant more music sooner for fans, and that’s what it will mean for the JFAC allegiant. Good news, though: This summer, the band will buckle down to begin writing the follow-up to 2009’s Ruination.

“In the summer, we’re pretty much we have to sit down and write the full-length. It’s weird to take the summer off [from touring], but it has to happen.”

Davy and the rest of Job for a Cowboy are fresh from a U.S. run he described as a total “stressful cluster fuck.” The band’s van broke down at the start of the tour, “and we have been doing this whole U.S. run in a rental Ford Explorer. So it kinda sucks in that regard but…the show must go on, obviously. What happened was, our transmission completely shit out on us and put a giant debt in our budget for this tour so it kinda sucks, but…it’s alright. We’re all stoked to take some time out, write at home, and just kind of chill out for a little bit.”

This tour for Davy and the JFAC dudes was hellish. Throughout our chat, he constantly references the van “shitting out” and how much stress the band endured. But he did get to see a few glory holes while out on tour. That’s always amusing.

“At some gas stations, there were a few…they weren’t active, but if you showed up at the right time, and you were lucky enough, you could get a little surprise, I guess,” Davy tells me. “I have seen a lot of Sharpees on the wall, with instructions. I guess when you’re a lonely guy, trucking that much on the road, I guess you wanna have a little adventure every once in a while.”

What about chicks, man? Is it easy for the lead singer of Job for a Cowboy to get groupie tail while touring?

“In all reality yes, but I don’t know,” Davy says, pausing. “I have always been the type of dude…oh gosh, it sounds so lame for me to say, but, just for the fact that a girl likes my band and that’s the only reason why they’d want to sleep with me…that terrifies me. I have never been that guy on the road. I can’t speak for the rest of the guys, but I’m always dating someone, anyway.”

Just remember, Jonny…you need another roadie to deflect that road snatch, you let me know.

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