John Garcia Talks Vista Chino

John Garcia

And by Vista Chino, I of course mean “The Artists Formerly Known As Kyuss Lives!”

Some dude down in Australia chatted with John Garcia, who spoke at length about Vista Chino and what we can expect from them.

Garcia says it’s “an absolutely huge relief” to be able to move forward from that nightmarish Kyuss Lives! lawsuit horseshit.

“Nobody wants to go through a lawsuit. Brant [Bjork] and I have been through a fuck of a time trying to get through this thing, and we’re still trying to get through it. But it’s also super fucking refreshing to know that nobody can touch Vista Chino. Nobody has anything on Vista Chino that we can’t do. To say goodbye to Kyuss Lives! down in Australia [at the upcoming Soundwave festival], it’s great. We’re all excited to do it. The legality of it all; I’ll be honest with you, it sucked. It totally sucked. Again, nobody wants to be sued. But you know, you’ve gotta get through it… The big light at the end of the tunnel is this record, and changing the name of the band.”

John says the band are smack dab “in the middle of recording the record. In the New Year, I’ll be doing my vocals up at Brant’s studio up in Joshua Tree. So I’m very excited about getting in. The majority of the music is all done; the majority of the melodies and the lyrics are all done. So I’ve just gotta put it down to tape and then we’ll release the thing. So I’m stoked.”

Killer, bra.

And of course, John discuss what Vista Chino will sound like. Sort of.

“When you have one of the original songwriters and the original drummer, and you have… I used to sing for that band, still do. There’s gonna be some automatic similarities and I think it’s gonna be a rock record, for sure. But I don’t think that Brant has tried (to) steer clear away from his roots. Brant was a fan of Kyuss; we were all fans of each other, and we still are. I’m a huge fan of Brant Bjork; so to hear some of his compositions that he’s let me listen to have given me a clean palette to sing to, it’s great. It’s a great feeling to be in a band with him, and to write to some of his songs … Again, it’s gonna be a rock record and I think there’s gonna be some similarities there. I have to say that I myself am curious in regards to what the overall record is going to sound like. I can’t wait to get it done, to have it fill the void in my gut. So it’s an exciting, yet still curious time for me as to what the record’s gonna sound like. I’m stoked; I definitely think it’s gonna be a rock record.”

He’s totally stoked.

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