John Strachan’s Doomed: 6/3/13

John Strachan’s Doomed

Things have finally calmed down, for the time being. I haven’t written a column here in a long time, but that should hopefully change now.

We (Early Graves) just returned home from our latest tour which saw us meet up with Nails and Xibalba as well as Rotten Sound for a few shows. To say it was a great time is an understatement. Tons of grinding, and tons of driving. But that’s the name of the tour game I suppose.

We left for tour on April 20th, with our first destination being Lake Tahoe, CA. Starting the tour at a familiar place is always a good thing and our good friend Josh Lease, who does the majority, if not all the metal shows there, was of course a most gracious host. There’s a reason we always return and it’s due to the incredible hospitality that is always shown. Cheers to you, Lake Tahoe.

Getting things going and having high spirits is always a good sign for a tour, especially when you’ve done as much as we have, keeping a positive attitude is crucial. We hit Salt Lake City, drove to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and while on the way, we were battling a blizzard on the 80 highway, which resulted in a powerful gust of wind shattering our driver side window. Needless to say, it was an intense moment. Especially since roads were icy and visibility was almost non existent. But you keep on moving and try not to miss any shows.

From there, it went Denver, Kansas City (great show with Enabler!), Des Moines, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo and into Canada. This was the first time for Early Graves being in Canada so we were excited to see how things would be. Toronto was incredible and we played with the always great, Burning Love. We then headed over to Montreal and shredded them to bits. Both Canada shows were packed full of people. Nails and Xibalba proved night in and night out why they’re two of the best bands out there, with each night both bands crushed their sets. It was a great sight.

We get back across the border, hit up Albany, Boston (which was one of my favorite shows of the tour), Brooklyn, which was sold out! The St. Vitus club is a spot we hadn’t played yet, but was such a nice place run by rad dudes. The final show of the Nails/Xibalba tour was in Philadelphia and of course, it ended on a high note. Tons of people a great overall experience again for us in Philly. Cheers to you for being loyal to the underground!

This may seem like a redundant article, but that’s because most shows end up happening in a similar fashion. But with a bunch of shows left to talk about, I’m going to spare you the final dates. We all had a great time, sold some merch and of course, grew as individuals. That’s what usually happens. I’d say you always learn more about yourself each time you hit the road. That’s the most important part of it all. If you’re not taking anything away from the tour, then you didn’t really enjoy yourself.

The older we get, the less the partying, the more we care about our craft on stage and making sure that everyone gets our best every night. Five to seven years ago that might have been different when we were concentrating on just getting drunk every night. We’ve tried to become a bit more professional with our show and feel like this past tour really helped us reach our goal.

Now we’ve been home for a couple of weeks, things are settling down and we’re just gearing up for a 5 day run with Shai Hulud. A band we have all looked up to since about 1997/1998. So this will be an incredible experience for those five shows. Until then, thanks for reading. I wish I had more exciting news to report, but that’s just not the case at this time! I’m sure that will change soon.

Until then.

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