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The Surrender of Divinity murderer killed in the name of Satan

"Maleficent Meditation""Maleficent Meditation"

“Maleficent Meditation”

And the Weiner is…The Thai dude who killed a black metal singer for not being a real Satanist!

This was a pretty shocking story that came out at the beginning of the week. Some half-head 25-year-old Satanist in Thailand murdered the vocalist of black metal act Surrender of Divinity because the vocalist was not an actual Satanist. A post on the killer’s Facebook page stated,

“I have intended to end my life since I was 25 because I’ll die eventually, I want to drag down those who tarnish Satanism with me. But I refrained from killing women and children…In my view, I have more respect for devoted Buddhists, Christians and Muslims than those who call themselves Satanists without knowing anything about it…If I did not kill him, I’m sure he would be murdered by someone else later.”

Those familiar with LeVayan Satanism know the 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth and how one of those rules is do not harm little children. At least he had morality somewhere. Too bad he missed Rule #3: When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.

Regardless, why single out this one guy and not the entire band? It wasn’t like he was promoting an alternative version of Satanism, just writing about something he didn’t particularly practice. News flash: Cannibal Corpse aren’t serial killers. After looking at the band’s lyrics, they’re more anti-Christian than they are Satanic, so it appears that this 25-year-old fart-huffer was not only dumb enough to carry out this act, but didn’t even get his message right.

If Erik Danielsson of Watain hasn’t killed anyone for not being true Satanist, this kid doesn’t have the claim to either.

The most shocking aspect of this story is that someone is still taking metal seriously in 2014 and that’s why, you, 25-year-old Thai murderer, are the Weiner of the Week.

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