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Entombed and Entombed A.D. pull a Queensrÿche

L.G. PetrovL.G. Petrov

L.G. Petrov

And the Weiner is…

Entombed and Entombed A.D.!
Those who frequent this site are aware of my ranting and raving over Taterÿche and Toddrÿche respectively, and now another band has entered the fold. Sort of.
At the end of 2013, we were made aware of the differences in the Entombed camp between founding members vocalist/swamp monster L.G. Petrov and guitarist Alex Hellid. The band were poised to release a new album, ‘Back to the Front,’ and one interviewer pointed out that Alex’s name did not appear on the credits. Petrov confirmed this was not a mistake and asked for the next question.
Around the same time, Hellid had said he would be performing Clandestine with former guitarist Uffe Cederlund, who had not been in the band since 2005. This version of Entombed was to be backed by a 65 piece orchestra, which is fucking stupid. With certain bands, this orchestra thing works, but Metallica proved that most of the time it doesn’t makes sense. What S&M really stands for is Shit & Music. That’s exactly what this performance of Clandestine will be.
We haven’t been told exactly why the split happened and why Petrov was booted and forced to use an alternate moniker instead of Hellid. Petrov did have a brief departure from the band in the early ‘90s, so that qualifies Hellid as the sole permanent member of the band like how Black Sabbath is Tony Iommi. We can only speculate for now.
Regardless of the circumstances, this puts fans in an odd spot. We don’t want to see Entombed without L.G. and we don’t want to see a bunch of hired guns playing some of the best Swedeath around. I saw Entombed with one guitarist and they sounded massive, so I wasn’t really missing Cederlund’s presence, though I’m sure two guitars would sound even huger.
Now our options are Entombed with the dude who did vocals on the Crawl EP or Entombed A.D. with Petrov and presumably the members who were already in Entombed before the split and a new guitarist. I don’t like either of these options, which is why both of these bands are the Weiner of the Week.

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