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David VincentDavid Vincent

David Vincent

David Vincent recently cleared the air about the current drumming debacle in Morbid Angel. The band reunited with the former frontman and Genitorturers douchebag in 2004, but not a whole lot was going on. It came time to record a new album and Pete Sandoval was sidelined from 2010 to 2011 because of back surgery. The band brought on the seemingly temporary replacement, Tim Yeung.

Tim Yeung has been with the band since 2010 and everyone was assured this was until Pete the Feet was back on his feet and able to drum again. Well, with a new Terrorizer album out, we all knew Sandoval was back in fine form behind the kit.

He blasted Illud Divinum Insanus, saying, “I don’t know — I don’t know what they thought… the first half of the album was okay, but it definitely wasn’t fresh and new. And then the techno songs on the album? I don’t know why they did that with the DJs, they could’ve have just done a separate project without calling it a Morbid Angel album. That might have been better. The reviews and fans were not very happy, I don’t think. But I’ve been with them for twenty-plus years and I wish them well.”

Sandoval also mentioned that the label insisted that David Vincent play on the new Terrorizer album, so it appeared that even though it was the label’s decision, there was still some sort of working relationship that connects Sandoval to Morbid Angel. Until yesterday.

When asked about the status of Sandoval in Morbid Angel, David Vincent said he is no longer in the band because he found Jesus and that this is incompatible with the band. What it sounds like is that it wasn’t Pete’s choice to leave Morbid Angel, but the band terminating him. Now, Nicko McBrain is a Christian, but he still plays “Number of the Beast” every fucking night and other Maiden songs aren’t too kind to religion on the whole.

I’m sorry, David Vincent, but I didn’t realize Morbid Angel had some sort of fucking mission statement in 2013 concerning their lyrics after the abject drivel we were blindsided with in 2011. You know what else isn’t compatible with Morbid Angel? Looking like a bloated Nikki Sixx and dialing in a half-assed attempt at rapping in what was once the greatest death metal band on the planet. In case anyone forgot the lyrical ingenuity of “Radikult,” read it and weep:

‘Cause we’ve been crossing the line since 1989
We’re moving the world
Because our power is a shining
Sick groove with fucking magic to prove that
The radicals are here to stay!
We’re living hardcore and radical
We’ll always be maniacal and animal
They fear us cause we’re physical irrational
Our radi-killer kult is thriving!

Incompatibility? Fuck off, Likki Dixx. Wearing cowboy hats in press shots seems pretty incompatible with Morbid Angel too. So does ever dressing like you did in the Genitorturers.

That is why you, David Vincent, are the Wiener of the Week.

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