Just Release Something Already: Book Of Black Earth

Band’s been dormant since 2011

Book Of Black EarthBook Of Black Earth

Book Of Black Earth

There are a bunch of good bands out there that have gotten lazy or bored or busy and haven’t put out a record for a while. It sucks, but maybe bitching about it on this here metal blog will rattle some cages and we’ll get more sweet, sweet metal.

Do you guys dig puppy dogs? Well, one of the coolest pups I’ve ever seen is on the cover of the Book of Black Earth‘s 2011 LP, The Cold Testament. You just wanna go tussle its blood-encrusted mane, don’t you?

Well, maybe when that record was new, three years ago. Seriously, here’s another band that’s just wasting away into obscurity. No, not the “I-bet-you’ve-never-heard-of-this-rad-band” hipster obscurity. Like actual obscurity where no one will actually care about the band because they haven’t done anything in the last year besides change their Facebook cover photo to a hilarious picture of Jesus making fart noises with his hands.

No, that is seriously all that a short, but reasonable, search on the internet has shown me they have done in over a year.

As far as blackened death metal goes, the Book of Black Earth are solid. Made up of members of Skarp, Wormwood, and Splatterhouse, these lovers of all things grim and crusty released three killer LPs from 2006-2011, which you should feverishly hunt down after finishing this article. All you’re brain will be able to process after listening to Horoskopus will be “those…blasts…those…riffs….”

Not only are the stellar song-writing talents going to waste, but they have a bad ass logo. It’s just bundle-of-twigs-y enough so that you know they’re an extreme metal band, but it’s still legible. Why don’t more bands rip this font off and save fans some time deciphering names in logos if Book of Black Earth isn’t gonna put it to good use?

Just release something already.

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