Just Release Something Already: Wormrot

It is time for the grind group to emerge from hiatus and put out new music



There are a bunch of good bands out there that have gotten lazy or bored or busy and haven’t put out a record for a while. It sucks, but maybe bitching about it on this here metal blog will rattle some cages and we’ll get more sweet, sweet metal. 

I’m not necessarily tethered to anyone genre of metal in general. I know lots of folks are like really into death metal or black metal or thrash metal or groove metal, but I like to enjoy the view and get aural assaults from most genres, although I will admit it’s more difficult for me to really get into black metal than the others.

That’s beside the point, though. 

Now let’s say that I had to choose a genre, gun-to-head, only can listen to one genre for the rest of my life…it’d probably be a really rough choice between metallic hardcore, championed my Ringworm and All Pigs Must Die, and grindcore, boasting the likes of Pig Destroyer and Dead in the Dirt. 

One of my favorite grind bands is Wormrot, the most disgusting, frantic sounding group to come out of Singapore.

This three piece is abrasive and unforgiving. They’ve also got legit ass street cred, what with being arrested by Singapore police for not conforming to the strict rules of the pseudo-radical Islamic power structure of the island nation.

And, sure, they’re on hiatus, but they said they’d be back in a few years. Wormrot. Guys. It’s been a few years. You started recording a new album like RIGHT before you went on hiatus [totally didn’t break up].

Until they release something, I guess all we can do is jam “Abuse” and “Dirge” a thousand more times.

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