King Diamond Discusses Bypass, Next LP

New album from King Diamond due out in 2015

King DiamondKing Diamond

King Diamond

Some lad named Ramone at 107.7 WRKR-FM, a radio station in Kalamazoo, Michigan, spoke with King Diamond recently here.

During the chat, King Diamond spoke about the open-heart triple-bypass surgery he underwent in November 2010.

“I wasn’t here for a couple of hours, to be quite honest. But bad experiences, if you really want, you can often turn into something positive, and I think that has happened here so far. A lot of good has come out of that bad experience…

“No cigarettes, of course, is a big difference. I cut it out, my wife cut it out. That’s almost four years ago now. Not a drag. I changed the diet and I do all the things that doctors have told me to do, and that’s, for exercise, walking five days a week, 1.3 miles. For the heart, that’s the best, they’re saying. And so when I go up and get the blood checked out, the cholesterol, [they ask me], ‘What are you doing? How do you get the figures like that?’ That’s how good the numbers are. [And I tell them], ‘I do what you told me. That’s what I do.’”

He added:

“Our [King Diamond stage] production is two stories now; there are stairs leading up to a second story. I am up and down those stairs several times throughout the set. The set is an hour and a half, full blast. And it’s not easy, when you sing my style of vocals. You don’t think about that often that I get much less oxygen than the rest of the band. ‘Cause I will take a big breath and then I will let it out slowly while I’m controlling the outflow and I can sing long lines and keep talking and keep talking and keep it up, and I can go for a while longer. So it’s a lot less oxygen you get into your blood. While the other [guys in the band], they can get as much oxygen as they want, practically. I can’t. So you have to really learn to economize with what’s going on. But now, after those 90 minutes, when we get off stage, I literally today feel, ‘Was that it?’ And you can talk to me and this and that, and it’s not a problem.”

He also spoke about working on the new King Diamond record, due out next year.

“The last thing we did right before we [went] to Europe [to play several festival shows this summer] was I had a vocal studio finished here at my house [in Texas],” he said. “So that’s really gonna be absolutely awesome.

“When we get back from this U.S. [tour], I’m gonna start hardcore to learn Pro Tools. I mean, I know some of it, but I need to really know all the details. ‘Cause I have a Pro Tools system now and I had a vocal booth from Oregon, something called, ship 1,800 pounds of wood and metal and stuff here that me and my friends put together; one guy owns a studio and another guy has worked at one. So we put that together. And it’s a vocal booth like you’ll find in any studio, with double insulated walls, floating floors, all this stuff… So I can do all my vocals now from home. And that means I will never have to sing with a hoarse voice in the studio again. Like, ‘The clock, it’s still ticking. C’mon.’ There’s nothing like that now. I can work 40-voice choirs together if I want to while writing music. If I sit and work on a verse and a chorus, I can go straight in after I’ve done that and feel good about it and check if it’s good to sing to. It’s gonna be amazing. Andy [La Rocque, King Diamond’s guitarist] has the same speakers now; he has a big studio in Sweden and lots of bands have been there recording albums. So I have lot of the same stuff here now. I can’t record drums here, but I can pretty much record everything else here.”

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