Korn Guitarist Can’t Make Money On Music Anymore

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You know, if I wasn’t making any money writing, guess what I’d do? I’d stop fucking writing. I’d maybe go back to school, become a lawyer — I wouldn’t keep at it.

But let’s not let that stop Brian “Head” Welch, Korn’s former guitarist, who admits he is not raking in the bank anymore…not since he quit the band.

Head gave an interview to the appropriately-titled Metal Exiles about his new album.

“The new record is stuff I am going through now,” Head starts. “I am trying to get the best song, but it does have to be real to me. I cannot write a song just to sell it because I cannot make money from music anymore now anyway. Paralyzed talks about a lot of pain like emotional depression, which is not all the time, but I do feel a lot of pain, so I like to talk about it.”

Head said Paralyzed is an EP about “life being filled with lawsuits, and like I said in my last book, ‘Stronger,’ dealing with depression and trying to lead this new life I am living. I am doing it but it is a struggle but it is not the drugs anymore, it’s just life.”

I have no idea what lawsuits he is referring to, but he spoke more about his legal woes.

“I try to do good, and I try to help people, but when you try to do something good, it seems like things follow you just to take you down and discourage you. I think that is what is happening to me. I believe in the karma of if you do good things, that good things will happen to you, but sometimes when you do good, bad will chase you down. I have made some bad decisions, as well as getting into some bad partnerships that I should not have. I am glad that I went through it, because it got rid of my fear of circumstances. I found out because of that I can get through anything, and with God’s help, I can get through any battle.”

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