Korn Not Recession-Proof After All?

Wonder how much this cost?

The Blabbermouth headline says it all: “‘Remember Who You Are’ First-Week Sales Projected To Be Half Those Of Untitled Album.” Korn’s new record, the band’s first for Roadrunner Records, hasn’t lived up to expectations.

Blabbermouth, sourcing industry web site Hits Daily Double, reports that Korn’s latest LP, Korn III – Remember Who You Are, sold shit, thus adding fuel to the Korn debate: Do people still really care, or are they through with Korn?

Hits claims the disc is on pace (not meaning it will, but based on first day sales, the strongest of the album cycle when you’re a big name like Korn) to sell between 60,000 and 65,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release. Yikes! Is this a result of the recession? Mayhem ticket sales are doing well, seemingly, with Kevin Lyman telling the Associated Press, and I paraphrase, that “it’s all good.” So Korn still can put asses in seats. But what response should we expect if the album actually ends up selling 65,000 units…or worse? “Korn are victims to this culture of illegal downloading and file-sharing?”

See, the reason this is bad is, Korn’s previous self-titled LP sold 123,000 copies its first week on store shelves back. But that was three years ago. So, while 65,000 is — let’s just say it — disappointing, it’s still a chunk.

I mean, there could be a ton of perfectly reasonable explanations for this, and I guess, ultimately, Roadrunner will be blamed for not doing enough. The label always gets blamed, and in Roadrunner’s case, it seems to happen more than usual. And that’s not fair. After all, they did that whole Korn in a corn field thing. That was intriguing! No one will blame producer Ross Robinson, and no one, heaven forbid, will peg this one on the band. At least not on the record.

I hate to say it, but I think a reasonable conclusion to this 65K debacle is that Korn need to chill out with booking studio time and just let royalties from their extensive back catalog keeping paying those bills. But then again, Hits could get it totally wrong and Korn could sell 90,000 units. Only…Hits usually is right on the fucking mark. Anyone even have any opinions on the new Korn record?


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